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Intramural Sports

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a cost for participation?

At this time, there is NO cost to participate.  Intramurals is funded by your Student Activity Fees.

What methods do you use to ‘advertise’ Intramurals?

Primarily word of mouth, especially amongst those participating. AXIS TV in PJPII, North Campus and Doermer, flyers hung around campus, the website, etc.  Check the university events calendar - linked from the USF homepage.

What requirements are necessary for students to participate?

Students need only to read and fill out the waiver in order to participate. This does give guidelines for behavior and requires a signature.

Are faculty invited to join?

Faculty and staff are encouraged to join and have in the past. Intramurals even have had a few grad students join us for Volleyball or Basketball.

Are there ever other times, besides nights, that Intramurals are played?

At this time no. We are limited by personnel and space that is available. We are hoping to offer basketball (and in the future, volleyball) at an earlier time at the North Campus facility IF there is enough interest.

Are incoming students given information regarding available Intramurals?

Yes, information regarding Intramurals is distributed at New Student Orientation. Additionally, they receive information at Registration from my office that introduces students to all the co-curricular activities on campus---SGA, SAC, Clubs and Organizations, and Intramurals.  Fellow (upperclassmen) students and of course the Intramurals website are helpful.

Who oversees the ongoing organization of the Intramurals?

Melissa Reesman, Director of Co-Curricular Activities, has two students that pretty much run the program and report back to her.